Have Questions About Mold?

Have Questions About Mold?

Mold testing experts will answer them in Leesburg, Ashburn, VA and surrounding areas

You know the mold you found is unsightly, but you don't know its type, removal techniques or health effects. The mold testing professionals of Blue Star Solutions will help you get informed.

Our Leesburg and Ashburn, VA team will visit you in Fairfax County or a surrounding area and:


  • Conduct a thermal scan
  • Collect air samples
  • Test samples with EMSL Analytical
  • Explain what's identified in test results
  • Recommend mold remediation tactics




Armed with this information, you'll be ready to protect your family from mold's effects, like respiratory irritation, asthma aggravation and infection. Call 703-665-1193 for a free estimate on mold testing.



Find out how we identify mold

Our two team members, a company owner and technician, use thermal imaging equipment to find temperature abnormalities that are signs of mold growth. We can find many kinds of mold with a thermal scan. We also capture mold spores in the air for microbial testing. To find out more about our mold testing, speak with a professional right away.