Reveal Radon at Your Property

Detect this invisible substance with radon testing services in Leesburg & Ashburn, VA

You might know that radon's dangerous to your health, being the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, but you're unsure how to identify it on your property. Detect it with the radon testing services of Blue Star Solutions, a company with a National Radon Safety Board certification. We're based in Leesburg, VA and service Ashburn, Fairfax County, VA and surrounding areas.

What is radon and where does it come from?

What is radon and where does it come from?

Radon is a colorless, odorless and radioactive gas that comes from uranium breaking down in the ground, water and air. It can be present in any building, regardless of when or how the building was constructed, and it can harm anyone's health.

Radon often enters buildings through:

  • Construction joints
  • Cavities within walls
  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Sump pumps in basements
  • Pipe entrances and gaps around pipes

Radon can even find its way into your building through your water supply or your fireplace. Schedule radon testing services by a team with a National Radon Safety Board certification to identify radon from these sources.